Joe Farmer

Grow Greenville Responsibly

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Joe Farmer

Meet Joe Farmer

Born in Greenville, Joe graduated from Furman University and has lived in his current residence in Greenville for 30 years. A retired athletic trainer and instructor at Furman University, he is active in his local church and Lions Club, and is a past President of the SC Athletic Trainers Association. Joe has lived through the change and increasing overdevelopment in Greenville, and wants to make sure that going forward, we grow Greenville the right way.

Joe on the Issues

When elected I will:

  • Protect our communities and neighborhoods from overdevelopment
  • Ensure that the city’s new “Development Code” will not harm Greenville’s traditional neighborhoods and communities
  • Lower property taxes
  • Appoint residents, NOT DEVELOPERS, to zoning and planning boards and commissions
  • Prioritize transparency, accountability, and public safety

Early Voting Begins May 30

Joe Farmer

Election Day is June 13th! Find your precinct and polling place at the Greenville County website:

You can vote early beginning Tuesday, May 30!


In-person voting for the June 13, 2023 City of Greenville Republican Primary:

Tuesday, May 30-June 9, 2023
Monday – Friday
(Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays)
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Greenville County Square
301 University Ridge Greenville, SC 29601

If a voter is wishing to apply for an ABSENTEE BALLOT by mail, they may call the Greenville County Voter Registration & Election Office, Absentee Department at 864-467-7264.

The last day for the county’s office to receive a signed absentee application is June 2nd.

New Voting Locations

There are new voting locations for a number of voters this election. If you know your precinct you can see where to vote below. If you do not know your polling location, click here to find out where to vote.

  • Precincts 201 (Greenville 01), 203 (Greenville 03), and 204 (Greenville 01) will now be voting at Northgate Baptist Church (633 Summit Dr)
  • Precinct 205 (Greenville 05) will be voting at Sears Shelter (100 E Park Ave)
  • Precincts 206 (Greenville 06), 207 (Greenville 07), and 284 (Monaview) will now be voting at Bethel Bible Missionary Church (28 Bob St)
  • Precinct 208 (Greenville 08) will now be voting at Juanita Butler Community Center (2 Burns St)
  • Precinct 210 (Greenville 10) will now be voting at Springfield Baptist Church (600 E McBee Ave)
  • Precinct 214 (Greenville 14) will now be voting at Phillis Wheatley Community Center (40 John McCarroll Way)
  • Precincts 216 (Greenville 16) and 218 (Greenville 18) will now be voting at Augusta Rd Baptist Church (1823 Augusta St)
  • Precinct 217 (Greenville 17) will now be voting at St Matthew United Methodist Church (701 Cleveland St)
  • Precincts 219 (Greenville 19), 220 (Greenville 20), 221 (Greenville 21), and 318 (Southside) will now be voting at St. Michaels Lutheran Church (2619 Augusta St)
  • Precincts 222 (Greenville 22) and 223 (Greenville 23) will now be voting at Sanctuary Church (302 Parkins Mill Rd)
  • Precincts 224 (Greenville 24), 229 (Greenville 29), 276 (Mauldin 1), and 277 (Mauldin 2) will now be voting at Embassy Suites (670 Verdae Blvd)
  • Precinct 225 (Greenville 25) will now be voting at McCarter Presbyterian Church (2 Pelham Rd)
  • Precincts 226 (Greenville 26), 227 (Greenville 27), 228 (Greenville 28), and 311 (Timberlake) will now be voting at Overbrook Baptist Church (1705 E North St)
  • Precincts 251 (Dove Tree), 283 (Mission), 302 (Rock Hill), 303 (Rocky Creek), and 319 (Spring Forest) will now be voting at Greenville First Assembly of God (1105 Haywood Rd)

Click here to download the list of polling locations